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Cost of Website Designing & Hosting in Uganda

Do you need to know about the cost of website designing and hosting in Uganda? This article is for you. It highlights everything that is involved to host a website online for your business or company. It is more important to have an internet presence especially if you offer the service globally.

That’s not the only reason, these days the world is going electric. People don’t want to be stressed yet most things like shopping, transport, banking education and more can be sorted out by the use of a phone.

Today most people in Uganda including locals are adapting to the trend. There is no need to visit a shopping mall or restaurants in presence of service providers like Jumia, Glovo, KFC, Kikubo online, and a lot more.

If you also want to give your business a platform on the web, don’t hesitate to hire a website designer but before you do so make sure to know the expenses to incur. Detailed below is the breakdown for you.

I want to give you a clear picture such that you understand everything especially if you have less knowledge about web work.

To have a website active and running on the web with the help of a professional developer you must pay for a domain name, hosting server, content creation, labor, and designs.

Domain Name

You may have this question. What is a domain name? This is the address that a user can type in the browser to access the homepage of your website.

Most of the time it is derived from your business or company name to make it easier for your customers to identify you online. For example, if you have a company named Kelo investments. You can have your domain name as The price for a domain name is 25 USD per year.

Hosting Server

This is an operator who provides space for your website to be running online at a cost. Many companies around the world offer this service.

The price of a hosting server depends on which features you need like the disk space, SSL certificate, C panel accounts, email quota, backup status, and a lot more. The more features you need, the more expensive it becomes.

If you need an eCommerce website expect to spend a lot on hosting reason being an e-commerce website receives too much traffic, so it needs a strong server. The cost for a hosting server is categorized into silver, gold, and premium.

Silver ranges from 20 – 50 USD, Gold is from 60 – 200 USD and Premium starts from 200 USD to 300 USD or more. For a simple website of a company, a silver hosting package is enough. Once you meet our web expert, he will advise you on this depending on what you want.

Content Creation

When I talk about content creation, I mean the writings displayed on the web pages to bring out the real meaning of what you offer or showcase to your customers.

It also includes videos, audio, tutorials, and PDF documents. With this, there are two options for you. Either write your content or you hire us to do the work at cost.

Some clients come when they don’t know which content to include on the website. Don’t worry about this, we are here to guide you on what’s required including the website structure.

Websites like those for travel, real estate, and car hire and more, need fresh and optimized content which can battle the Google rankings. Charges for content creation are negotiable. Then for labor, theme, and designs, it is 500, 000 Uganda shillings.

With this information, I think it is easier for you to make the total cost. The total charge = Domain name + Hosting server + Content + Labor.

For example, you get 100,000 + 200,000 + 400,000 (estimate) + 500,000 = 1,200,000 Shillings. There is an option when I deduct 400,000 for content, the new rate is 800,000 shillings. I think it is not hard to understand why there is price variation.

In conclusion, expect to pay a website designer in Kampala or Uganda from 0.8 M – 4 M depending on the complexity of requirements. A custom-built website costs more than four million. For a redesign, it is a bit cheaper.

Note: Hosting and Domain name fee is paid per year. Then Content and labour charge is a one-time payment. For more information and negotiation, talk to the expert by email or WhatsApp at +256773241779.